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Eagle Rare Aged 10 Years Bourbon 750ml

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Eagle Rare Aged 10 Years Bourbon 750ml

BY Eagle Rare


Eagle Rare 10-Year Bourbon is an award-winning bourbon that’s sure to satisfy any whisky connoisseur.  This premium bourbon whiskey is aged for a minimum of 10 years to create a rich and complex flavor profile. It is produced by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, which has been crafting high-quality bourbon for over 200 years.Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon is made from a blend of the finest corn, rye, and barley malt, which are expertly combined and fermented before being distilled through a combination of traditional and modern methods. This Bourbon begins its maturation process in charred white oak barrels. For ten years, it slowly matures while developing its complex flavor profile. After aging, the distillers carefully bottle it at 90-proof, ensuring each pour is smooth yet robust.Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon has a complex flavor profile that tantalizes the senses. The nose is alluring and delicate, with aromas of honey, toffee, chocolate and orange peel. On the palate, these notes mingle seamlessly with woody oak flavors to create a balanced, full-bodied experience. The finish is velvety smooth, leaving behind sweet hints of warm vanilla on the tongue. This bourbon exudes an exquisite complexity that is sure to captivate anyone who takes the time to savor it. When drinking it neat, be sure to take small sips and let the whiskey linger on your tongue to fully appreciate its flavor profile.

This award-winning bourbon isn’t just good neat — you can also enjoy it over ice or as part of your favorite cocktail. From an old fashioned to a Manhattan or even a whiskey sour, Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon is the perfect choice for any occasion. With its unique balance of smoothness and complexity, this bourbon never fails to impress all those who try it. Get yours now and experience why this timeless whiskey continues to be so popular among enthusiasts everywhere.

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