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Crown Royal Single Malt Whisky

ABV: 40% | Proof: 80

on a journey of discovery with Crown Royal's inaugural Single Malt Whisky, a groundbreaking addition to our esteemed collection. This limited edition release, aged for a remarkable 10 years, marks a bold foray into the revered tradition of single malt whisky, meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and elevate your whisky experience.

As you pour, be greeted by an inviting aroma of creamy vanilla and ripe, fruity banana, intertwined with subtle hints of caramel, crisp apple, and a medley of baking spices. This exquisite bouquet sets the stage for a tasting journey that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

On the palate, Crown Royal Single Malt Whisky unfolds in layers of complexity. The initial notes of vanilla and cream are elegantly complemented by light hints of banana and nuts, weaving through the rich tapestry of flavors. As the experience deepens, a warming cinnamon spice emerges, heralding a finish that is both bold and sophisticated.

The finish is moderate yet impactful, leaving a spicy linger that invites contemplation. Notes of warming cinnamon gently fade, leaving a lasting impression that beckons you back for another sip.

This Single Malt Whisky is a testament to Crown Royal's commitment to innovation while honoring our legacy of whisky making. Distilled from the finest ingredients and aged to perfection, it represents a new chapter in our storied history, offering whisky aficionados and newcomers alike a chance to explore the infinite possibilities of Canadian whisky.

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