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Hancock’s President Reserve Bourbon Whisky (SPEND $50 SAZERAC, GET IT FOR $59.99)

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Hancock’s President Reserve Bourbon Whisky (SPEND $50 SAZERAC, GET IT FOR $59.99)

BY Hancock




Hancock's President's Reserve displays a rich amber hue in the glass, indicating a well-aged bourbon.


The aroma is inviting and complex. Notes of caramel and vanilla dominate, offering a sweet and comforting profile. There's a subtle undercurrent of oak, accompanied by hints of dried fruits and a touch of spice. The nose is well-balanced, providing a preview of the bourbon's depth.


On the palate, Hancock's President's Reserve delivers a smooth and velvety experience. The initial sip reveals a sweet interplay of flavors, with caramel and toffee taking the lead. Vanilla contributes a creamy texture, and the oak influence becomes more pronounced, adding depth and complexity. A gentle spiciness, likely from the mash bill, provides a pleasant contrast to the sweetness.


The finish is medium to long, with the sweetness lingering. Oak tannins continue to develop, offering a satisfying dryness. The final moments feature a subtle warmth and a hint of cinnamon, leaving a lasting impression.


Hancock's President's Reserve is a well-crafted bourbon that showcases the hallmark characteristics of Buffalo Trace's expertise. Its balanced sweetness, oak presence, and subtle spice make it an approachable and enjoyable bourbon. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for classic cocktails, Hancock's President's Reserve is a versatile choice for bourbon enthusiasts seeking a flavorful and well-rounded whiskey.

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